Friday, March 9, 2012

The Shortest Experiment EVER {Absinthe & Prosecco}

I know I bought that bottle of Absinthe for SOMETHING..... I just cannot remember what.  So I spent the day googling it and found a recipe with it in champagne and thought..... ooooohhhh THAT would be yummy!
I've been excited all day.  And look how STUNNING.
 how did I miss the "it tastes like licorice" memo?
I'll bet Aline knew!
BLECH.  Licorice & Prosecco.... notsomuch. I'll slide that back in the storehouse and steam some mussels in it one day.... like Mussels Pernod, it shan't be wasted.

All is not lost.  I had some Aperol that I had tried in an unsuccessful recipe of yesteryear and found it was quite lovely in Prosecco..... not much, I just topped my Glass with about an ounce.  Gave it a pretty color and a little citrus zing :)
p.s. Molly, thanks for the beautiful flowers, I'm giving one a brush with fame xxoo

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  1. I actually am drinking absente and prosecco now and am quite enjoying it... however I have always found licorice palatable, and absinthe varieties all have that distinct flavor... I'm loving this remix originally called for with Brut champagne, this substituted Prosecco and absente is good with me, however 1 glass and I'm good, it is quite strong (winky-faced emoji)

    1. Oh the drink name is "Death in the Afternoon" made famous by Ernest Hemingway