Just Me

Heidi a/k/a Young Grasshopper
I'm a Mom.... 3 great kids. I'm a wife... best husband ever. I'm a lawyer... don't let that taint your opinion of me because what you really need to know is that I so sO SO love to cook, create cocktails and I love throwing a party too but truth be told I'm just as excited to create dinner for my family on a regular old Wednesday.

That said, I love to share my ideas and that’s why I’m here. The name Young Grasshopper is in honor of my Mom, Ruthie, who passed away about a month before I started YG. 

Growing up Ruthie was THE cook: fabulous dinner every night, flaming Crepe Suzette at dinner parties,recipe contests.  And so, I grew up watching Ruthie cook never realizing that one day I would BE her, at least the cook part. I remember as her Alzheimer's Disease progressed I would sit and read the recipe, instructing her so she could make a pie.  Bittersweet memories. 

I write this as an homage to both who she was and who I've become.... and yes, her fav drink was the Grasshopper.

Since I've started blogged I've piddled with a few other projects.... please check out my collection of my friends' amazing cocktails at www.barfly101.com or my open discussion on all fabulous cocktails at The Soiree on Facebook.... there's also my little Paleo Experiment at The Paleo Grasshopper.

I'd love to hear from you, good or bad! 
You can reach me by email at heidisuewebb@yahoo.com
or by my alias "the Barkeep" at thebarkeep@barfly101.com

Product samples can be mailed to
Heidi Webb
140 South Beach Street
Suite 310
Daytona Beach, FL 32114
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