Monday, September 30, 2013

Hungry Couple: Strawberry Thyme Gin Fizz and a Giveaway!

Strawberry Thyme Gin Fizz
Oh this is the lovely Anita at her finest please check out this crafted Not So Simple ART over at Hungry Couple: Strawberry Thyme Gin Fizz and a Giveaway! and of course enter to WIN!  Contest closes tonight at the stroke of midnight :)
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17 Apart: Not So Simple Syrup Cocktail Recipe & #Giveaway

Tonight is your last opportunity to enter their giveaway so scoot on over to 17 Apart: Not So Simple Syrup Cocktail Recipe & Giveaway to enter AND get an awesome recipe for their Not So Simple Bees Knees :)
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Monday, September 16, 2013

Not So Simple Syrup {Pin It Party}

Shout to Lauren at
Hey Hey Designs for
the new ME <3
I've alluded to my new project but I haven't done my official.... HEY LOOK WHAT I'M DOING post.  A lot is cooking over here and I saw this Pin It Party over at the Lean Green Bean and thought I'd use it as the motivation to gather myself together and do my launch post and maybe gather a Pin or two!

It's not secret I am in love with mixology. Well, my passion for the cocktail and never-ending propensity for invention led me to start Not So Simple Syrup. What started with infusing syrups for my own cocktails, evolved to perfecting them and sharing with friends or as treats at catering events. About a year ago I really set out to create all natural syrups that would make amazing mixed drinks as well as iced teas and non-alcoholic beverages that could be sold at my favorite stores.

I naturally asked my catering partner-in-crime, Barbie, to come along on the journey. It's been one big learning experience but like everyone has kept telling me.... "if it was easy EVERYONE would do it!"  It's not easy, I have made it through the labyrinth of the Florida Department of Agriculture.... the FDA.... lab testing, bottling research, design, blood, sweat and tears.

Where are we today?  We are a small, local maker of simple syrups that spend our days and nights looking for ways to help you transform your own drink creations. We use the highest quality ingredients, are permitted by the Florida Department of Agriculture as manufacturers and bottlers and work out of a commercial kitchen in Winter Park Florida. I personally test every batch individually, so you can trust every bottle of Not So Simple Syrup. And I'd like to share the few posts I have so far to celebrate our first orders shipping this week.  

And starting next Tuesday [which just happens to be my BIRTHDAY!] the first of my Blogger reviews and GIVEAWAYS will be posted.... so keep an eye out!

& I keep you posted as the list grows!

In the meanwhile check out these cocktails...

Sparkling Not So Simple Sangria a great recipe
using Not So Simple Syrup to transform your Sangria

Not So Simple Strawberry Limonaide was what I
dubbed the Official drink of Summer 2013.
You should consider it for your 2014! [or what
the heck.... happy hour tonight!

This is my single favorite Mojito ever
and my most viral pin ever....
The Champagne Mojito!
It doesn't call for Not So Simple Syrup in this post
but made with Strawberry NSSS kicks it

This Citrus Sparkler was our New Years Eve
Cocktail this year.  A. MAY. ZING.

Hope you'll check out my new stuff!
Available online for now but
working our way into stores near YOU!


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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sparkling Not So Simple Strawberry Limonaide

Sparkling Not So Simple Strawberry Limonaide
I know I should be taking more time on my posts and staging my pictures and such but it's just not where I am at right now.
When I find a moment to enjoy a cocktail, there's no time for staging.  These are my real life moments.  I need a drink dammit ;-)
And bottom line, I'm afraid I'll lose these awesome recipes if I don't start chronicling better....
This drink was what I VERY late in the season dubbed my official drink of Summertime 2013. I only had the recipe in a comment on my Facebook Instagram post. 
It was only a matter of time before it was
gobbled up by my endless ramblings
never to be found again....
But now it's safe.  And you really should try it. 
and you will too....
What You Need:
What You Do:
  • Lightly muddle your Syrup with a couple lemon slices
  • Add Limoncello
  • Pack your glass with ice
  • Top with Brut Champagne

Insert Straw into drink, butt into lounge chair.... AHHHH
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