Thursday, June 21, 2012

THIRSTY THURSDAY: Would you like some toast with your jam? No Thanks. {Sweet Kentucky Sip}

Sweet Kentucky Sip
 So, last week I had the pleasure of popping into One Flew South and our Barkeep was the dynamic Tiff this visit..... fortuitously, one of Tiff's admirer's brought her in a jar of homemade preserves on his way through so Tiff immediately mixed up a quick batch of "sips" for us all and let me say, I'm no Whisky drinker but OH MY was this smooth.... a mighty fine sip I would have to say!
I recreated it for you for this fine Thirsty Thursday....

4 ounces Whisky of your choice
{I used some good old Early Times Kentucky Whisky}
1 tsp jam..... I used Dickinson's Blackberry Preserves

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice add whisky and jam and shake it like you mean it, at least for a couple minutes, then strain into a rocks glass and enjoy with a couple "rocks."

Very.  Nice.

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