Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ginsanity Chapter VII: Love is All Around {One Flew South in ATL International Review}

I have these days I call Mary Tyler Moore days.... I buzz through them smiling at everyone, saying Hi to strangers, kissing babies [well maybe not kissing babies]. Anything seems possible on my MTM Days.... but not necessarily everything.... for instance yesterday.  A total MTM Day except I didn't get my standby flight to get home at a reasonable hour;  BUT because it was an MTM Day I wasn't pissed that I had run from Concourse A to Concourse E for this disappointment.  I simply went to the ladies room, chucked out the salad I had bought from a kiosk in Albuquerque "just in case" and I headed into One Flew South.  

Taylor Made
I'd never been in Concourse E long enough to stop in but as I slid into my seat at the bar listening to the chatter and looking down the drink menu I knew I was home.  I saw "Taylor Made" a combination of Hendricks Gin, St~Germain, Lime and CUCUMBER.... muddled, strained and garnished with a cucumber spear. WOW.  How GINsane!
Mixologist Extraordinaire
And wouldn't you know it my Mixologist was Taylor herself.... Adrienne Taylor that is.  She was a real Mixologist ruling her roost at this awesome restaurant in Concourse E of Atlanta International Airport.  

The menu was pretty eclectic: a mix of elevated comfort food and sushi.... it was nearly impossible to pick until I saw the Pork Belly Sliders.  

Shut. The. Front. Door.  

When I regained consciousness, I ordered them immediately.  
While I waited a lovely place setting was set up and I sipped my fabulous drink and chatted with Adrienne and my neighbor, a kid heading to London to celebrate his 22nd birthday [tough break]. 

My food arrived. I was speechless after my first bite of the slider, it was THAT good.  I told an abbreviated version of the failed pork-belly attempt I made before a party once and a secret was shared.... here's the "recipe" part of this.... sort of.  I had apparently only done the first 2 steps needed for to. die. for. pork belly.
Step 1: cure in a cane rub for 24 hours
Step 2: slow braise
Step 3: "press" in refrigerator for 24 hours
Step 4: pan sear before serving.
I wish I had known and not thrown out my poor pork belly after step 2!  Alas, I will now try again one day soon.  

Anyhow, I DIGRESS.  This restaurant was a GEM!  I walked out with another couple leaving the dining room, equally stunned by their "find" in ATL.

Cannot wait till my next layover on Concourse E!

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  1. Thanks Heidi loved the blog hope to see you again Love Taylor from One Flew South