Friday, April 13, 2012

Featured Five

It's that time of the week!  That's right....
 Young Grasshopper's Featured Five
of all the many awesome posts and recipes I saw this week I just want to raise my beer {remember, Saturday was National Beer Day} to some and of course share them in case you missed them. As always,  I could come up with dozens but these are my TOP FIVE for the week ending April 13th 2012 {listed in chronological order, no favoritism among my favorites!}:

Emily at She Makes & Bakes posted a beautiful bit of simplicity with her Nutella Strawberries.... so, so beautiful!

Tina at The Flour Trader really caught my eye with an Austrian Springtime favorite.... Berry Meringue Slices.  Love Sweet & Tart!

Heather  at the Sweet & Savory Tooth hit the mark with the maple and cornbread combo.... remember my Madagascar Corn Bread?  Well, here's another keeper for sure! Maple Cornbread, YUM!

Crystal from Mrs. Happy Homemaker speaks the language of love..... Bacon Stuffed Waffles??? Shut. The. Front. Door.

p.s. check out my Ham & Cheese Waffles of yesteryear, it's a problem for me :)

I really thought this post from Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean was awesome and not for any particular recipe {although all look awesome} but more conceptually.... we all run out of ideas and I so love someone sharing their "day in the life" ideas to add some ammo to the arsenal! Thanks for How To Eat Healthy During The Week!


And of course..... My ONE FOR GOOD LUCK!
This certainly is a lucky one.... Thanks Kelly at Eat Yourself Skinny for testing & reporting the
Pinterest Diet Coke Brownie recipe....
cannot wait to try this one!

HUGE Thank you to all for letting me repost****

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  1. Thanks sweet friend for featuring me here! You also rounded up some tasty other ones too that I happened to miss! Happy friday!

    1. My husband texted me this morning after reading the blog & said.... that berry thing looks awesome :) Thanks for letting me share :)

  2. What a great round up - they all look super exceptionally delish :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  3. Thanks for posting my strawberries! Everything else looks great! Emily

    1. I do catering with a freind of mine & we just presented a proposed menu to a client and YUP, those berries are on it!

  4. Thanks so much for posting my brownies! Everything else looks amazing!!!

    1. I may try those brownies this very weekend :) thanks for sharing!

  5. Tina's berry meringue bars really caught my eye, too. Have a great weekend!

  6. Those brownies are pretty tempting! Great list Heidi! :)

  7. Wow where do I start, thanks for posting. they all sound great.