Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

2012 Bunny Cake
Well, it's been one seriously busy day preparing for our Easter Brunch tomorrow and I must say it was a successful day.... even got the bunny cake done and it didn't seem like "OMG, we almost forgot the bunny cake!" And better yet.... for the first year ever since I started making these when Kady was around 2 or 3 {she's now 16} I didn't do anything once I cut it out.... I don't expect anyone to take decorating tips from us but I do think the template my Mother-in-Law taught me all those years ago is a cool, kid friendly bunny cake template.   My Mother-in-Law would of course do amazing things with cakes having worked the bakery at Shop-Rite for many moons.... I never had that training and it always shows BUT this was a kid job and I always love this cake.

That said, I used a Funfetti Box cake and cans of frosting.... there's a time and a place for everything but this is what the Old Woman taught me...

The pattern:
Ear, bow tie, ear

Everyone does the white icing:

What you do when they fight about who does what:
Three scraps of paper: Ears, Face & Bow tie

Yes, we are THAT disagreeable

Then they do their thing:
Kady: the minimalist did the ears
Dylan: was away from Mindcraft long enough to do the face
Kyra: was BUSY on that bow tie :)

A little nostalgia.... I've got bunny work to do or I'd find more but here's a couple from yesteryear...
Hard at work 2009

The Bunny Cake 2011

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  1. Replies
    1. I'm biased but I think those Webb kids are mastering the bunny cake :)

  2. Happy Easter Heidi! You've got a nice Easter cake and tradition there :)