Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ginsanity Chapter VI: Thursday Bloody Thursday or Fluer de Pom if you insist on a pretty name


I know you've been dying for a new Gin concoction so I got busy.... and I wanted you to have today so you could stop at your booze emporium for anything you are missing ;)

St~Germain {what do u mean you haven't gotten yet?}
Gin {doesn't need to be Saphire but I'd go a step above well}
Pom {Pommegranate juice}
Lime juice or a couple limes to squeeze
a mint leaf to make a wish on.... I'm wishin' it was Friday ;)

WHAT YOU DO:  Fill your cocktail shaker with ice, add 1 part St~Germain, 1 part Gin, 2 parts Pom & 1 part lime juice.  SHAKE it like Richard Simmons was cheering you and then strain into your chilled Martini Class or just drink it from the shaker if you feel like I do.... is it Friday yet?
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  1. Best ever remedy to a horrible week! The pomegranate sounds ideal with this :)

  2. pommegranate, lime, and mint such refreshing combination, sound great to release fatigue on this week


    1. I definitely needed a regrouping moment to get on the preparations for this weekend!