Sunday, April 22, 2012

If You Are Offended by Strong Language This Post Is Not For You {What The F**K Should I Make For Dinner? Review}

OK, I saw this in the sidebar of someone's blog and just couldn't resist.  I'm so glad I didn't because this cookbook is fucking hilarious.  Sorry, there's no other way to state it.  And best part it's got some awesome recipes, ole Zach can cook as well as he says the word Fuck {And he does that very well}.

It comes in a hard back spiral with glossy pages that will withstand a splatter or two {or your tears of laughter} over the years of well worn use.  

With recipes like these how can you go wrong:

  • It's about to get classy up in this bitch, because somebody's cooking up some fucking Scallops with Swiss Chard;
  • Don't fuck up some Red Flannel Hash;
  • Your indecision is truly disgusting, but I digress: cook up some fucking Brisket

So, if you enjoy a comedian with a foul mouth you will love this guy, excerpt from instructions on cooking scallops:  "Before removing from the pan, add the butter to that shit, and spoon over each scallop.  Don't worry, they fucking like it."

Maybe I'm an adolescent but I'm still laughing, I love this book and if you're still reading you probably will too....

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  1. Hahaha! That book sounds hilarious!

  2. Ah, I love it. I swear like a trucker so this cracked me up.

    1. Glad to amuse! someone wasn't, I had one member "unfollow" yesterday LOL

  3. That's fantastic!! Finally someone writes what we're all thinking!

  4. Oh lord! That is great!! This just made my night. Thanks for sharing! I love these kind of things for being so real. It makes me think of the book called "Go the f**k to sleep" by Adam Mansbach.

  5. This might be the go to gag gift replacing my usual gag gift of the Coolio cookbook. This is hilarious!