Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thirsty Thursday: Mint Sugar & A Thunderstorm {Lemon-Lime Mojito in a Mint Sugared Glass }

Happy Thirsty Thursday!
Nothing like a rainy afternoon to screw with your photography..... but sometimes it just doesn't matter, no amount of rain or poor lighting could diminish how wonderful these Mojitos are.
Last weekend I saw Amy at Oh Bite it posting previews to her candied watermelon rind recipe.... {which I am trying this weekend!} but what really grabbed me were the two words MINT SUGAR.  I was like, hello Mr. Mojito please meet Mrs. Mint Sugar.  I couldn't get to my food processor fast enough.... 
And so the ceremony was conducted and they became one.  It's a beautiful thing.
May I introduce to you, the Lemon-Lime Mojito in a Mint Sugared Glass.

Lemon-Lime Mojito in a Mint Sugared Glass

here's what you need 
for the Mojito:
1 & 1/2 oz. white rum {I used Bacardi}
1 oz lemon Not So Simple Syrup
8 mint leaves
1 half of a lime cut in eighths
1 half of a lime cut in eighths
Club Soda to top

for the Mint Sugar:
1 cup of mint

1 cup of sugar
here's what you do
In a Food Processor, pulse 1 cup of fresh mint with 1 cup of sugar {I used evaporated cane juice} until well combined.... then dampen the rim of your glass with a lemon or lime and dip in the prepared sugar.
then Muddle Rum, Not So Simple Simple Syrup, Mint & 1/2 of the Lemon & Limes to perfection, pour into your prepared glass, fill with ice... top with club soda, garnish with reserved lemon/lime and....ENJOY!

Lemon-Lime Mojito in a Mint Sugared Glass

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