Thursday, June 14, 2012

THIRSTY THURSDAY: If I wasn't Laying Down I'd Faint {& A Watermelon Spritzer Recipe}

Watermelon Spritzer

 Miss me?

It's been kinda crazy and I've been out of pocket. 
I had to head north unexpectedly. 
le sigh. 
My Great Auntie lives in MASS and my Aunt Susan got a call that things were not going well, and she & I hopped on a plane.
When we walked in, 
she grabbed our hands and said
"If I wasn't laying down I'd faint!"
God I love her.

Alta & I in 2011 {yes, she's 105 here!}
Did I mention Alta is 106 years old?
And she's a freaking rock star.
If I didn't know it would kill her {literally} I'd move her to Florida.
{although I'm considering writing the Donald to see if he will pay to move her in a safe way so we can love her full time--- do you have a connection?}
But, in the meanwhile, we cannot. 
and we do the best we can....
and thus, among other things, no blog.

Except I planned ahead for Thirsty Thursday :)
So, need a drink?
I do.
Have a Watermelon Spritzer

1 cup watermelon juice (crush watermelon in a tall cup and strain )
4 ounces White Wine {I like dry.... if you use sweet then skip the simple syrup}
1 ounce simple syrup
1/2 ounce lime juice
6 torn mint leaves
lime wedge and mint leaves for garnish
Place the watermelon juice, wine, simple syrup, lime juice, and mint leaves into a cocktail shaker, muddle well. Then fill 
halfway with ice, shake well and strain the drink into a wine glass. Garnish with lime & mint.

Ahhhh, can you imagine being 106? 
You'd REALLY want one of these {or a VO & soda...}!
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