Friday, June 1, 2012

HAPPY FEATURED 5! {& yes, we have a WINNER! }

WELL, Before I get to business.... I had 82 entries to May's giveaway and ONE LUCKY Sea Salt Collection WINNER! Congrats to CUCINA49!!! please email me at and I'll get it on it's way to you PRONTO! And then I'll look forward to hearing about how it has changed your life! 

I'll be announcing JUNE's giveaway this weekend so keep your eyes peeled.... I had a tie on votes for what it should be so I had to "randomize" that too! 


Happy June!
Happy Friday!

My first post is incredible looking but to me of course it's more than that.... it's my namesake in a dessert GRASSHOPPER PIE! Thanks for sharing Pass The Sushi, Ruthie would've approved!
p.s. I hope I won the book... sorry my 5 came out too late to pimp :(

Alex at Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Foodiness 
was mortified by the title of her post.... 
Cheesy ole me though....
 yup, I adored it. 
And that Pesto looks stunning
 and OMG it was made with
 a Magic Bullet.  
She was channeling her inner Grasshopper.... 
it's the celebration of the Grasshopper week.

what is that? THAT is Brown Risotto.  
Yes, Shut. The. Front. Door.  Who knew?  
Jessica at Oh Cake knew.... that's who.
I am finding this and making it!  
Thank you Jessica for posting 

Brown Butter Carrot & Walnut Integrale Risotto

I know I'm definitely more DINNER oriented this week.... possibly because it's been kinda crazy & I've made a bunch of quick "clean out my fridge" meals so I'm coveting this yummy food.... Lauren at Part Time Housewife {canNOT imagine what she'd cook up if she was FULLtime!} grilled up some Grilled Black & Bleu NY Strips.... YUM.  They looked awesome.... and now I'm just waiting for the recipe for the Bacon Slaw also in this picture.... give it up LAUREN!!!

O.K. enough dinner.  
Cookie & Kate were flipping some
over in their neck of the woods... and I was like
WTH, I'll be wrestling alligators
 in the Everglades this weekend
 when I could be making these
Make some for me and report back!

& there's always one for good luck. 
 This week it's from my first Blog love... 
Marina at the Yummy Mummy Kitchen.  
I adore her blog and all her awesome treats.  
This morning she featured an awesome seasonal salad, 
I can't wait to try it! 
for the candied nuts check out my recipe HERE.

HUGE Thank you to all for letting me repost****

As usual I have a couple housekeeping matters :)

You may recall that 2 weeks ago I was over at Wilde In The Kitchen participating in her bake sale to raise money for Relay for Life!  WELL, not only did I get to send MY cookies of to my lucky winner {XXOO MOLLY} but I also received {and you know it really is better to RECEIVE than to GIVE she kidding? you'll never know} but OMGoodness did I receive some YUMMINESS!
I'm still bitter at some chick Marisa who outbid me all over the place but boy did SHE miss out.... I received some Chocolate Chip Snickerdoodles from Heather at Bake, Run, Live that my family fought over AND an out of this world loaf of Povitica Bread from Mrs. Wilde herself, Vicki.  SO YUM.  It was such an awesome cause & such an awesome treat to receive my goodies... hope you'll all join in next time!

Particularly to my David & my friends Kathy & Kevin <3
I wonder what CJ @ Food Stories will cook up?

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