Friday, May 4, 2012

Young Grasshopper's FEATURED 5 & MORE Love XXOO

This segment makes me so happy.

It's always bittersweet that I can only pick a handful, but I love acknowledging some of the awesomeness I see all week!

And so, without further ado I give you... Young Grasshopper's FEATURED FIVE!

I've got a thing for Ricotta and I'm sometimes Drunken.  There I said it.  Thanks Chef Dennis @ A Culinary Journey with Chef Dennis for sharing his Honeyed Ricotta Mousse with Drunken Strawberries. 

Ah, yes, Cinco de Mayo is almost upon us.... looking for a sweet treat to offer? Try Laura @ Wylde Thyme's Cinqo De Mayo… Margarita Cupcakes with Salted Tequila Buttercream

I know I've mentioned our coconut thing... well the need was fed by Laura @ A Healthy Jalapeno with her Indian Coconut And Pistachio Laddoos

This was a real Wow.  Right from the title.  Thanks Irvin @ Eat The Love for sharing your Blood Organge Chiffon Cake with Blood Orange Curd and Rich Vanilla Bean Buttercream Frosting 

Last but definitely not least, Katherine Martinelli got my heart strings with her Strawberry Rhubarb  Cocktail 
Ruthie would have approved, I so vividly recall her many Strawberry Rhubarb Pies!

And my "one for good luck" goes to 
Jennifer at Peanut Butter & Peppers

HUGE Thank you to all for letting me repost****

While I have your attention, I wanted to take a quick minute to congratulate Laura @ Wylde Thyme for winning my FIRST awesome GIVEAWAY.... her Pomi is en route {and I'm secretly hoping for a POMI guest post} AND to remind everyone that May's GIVEAWAY is under way.... a Sea Salt collection & POSSIBLY a grilling rub collection too! 

And last but not least a huge Shout to CJ at Food Stories for giving me the honour of doing my FIRST Guest Post at her place AND giving me two AWESOME blogger awards, please stop by her fabulous blog this week XXOO

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  1. All are delicious - but I must say the ricotta got my attention! It always does!

  2. A great featured five & thx for the shout-out :-)

  3. Those cupcakes look and sound amazing!! Thanks for sharing, I always look forward to this feature!

  4. All of these are tasty picks, but I have to say I am ready for the cocktail-Cheers and have a great weekend!

  5. Ahhh, thank you so much for the mention!!! Everyone's goodies look so good!!

  6. ... Another great round up! I want to try the orange chiffon cake first. :)

  7. What a great round-up! Thanks so much for including my cocktail this week :-D

  8. These all look amazing! Those margarita cupcakes look particularly appetizing.