Friday, May 11, 2012

T.G.I.F. {Young Grasshopper's Featured 5}

This week sucked.
There, I said it.
Really it just sucked the life out of me.
Not actually sucked.
you know,
I worked way too hard.
Blogged way too little.

But good outcomes.
And I did manage to check out a few blog posts.
so, I am able to get back on track AND still do my

We have a Feature hog alert.... 
 Gerry over at Foodness Gracious....
I stalk him and his sweets and he killed it this week. 
This is my Father's Day menu.....
shhhhhh don't tell David!

[oh just Shut. The. Front. Door. Gerry!]
and.... wait for it...
 Coconut Tres Leches Cake [I'm telling you David will propose all over again].

Strawberry Orange Creamsicles on a Chilly Rainy Day.... great post and a recipe I personally will be making this weekend in Sunny Florida!  Thanks Curly Girl :)

Apparently I missed the memo that it was a creamsicle week.... but I'm glad these girls had it covered!  Jen over at Three Little Piglets posted an awesome Orange Creamsicle Cupcake that you shouldn't miss.... fun little giveaway that you can get in on too if you hurry!

A blog hop that I only wish I could have gotten my crap together to be a part of..... Katherine Martenelli featured a Black Bean & Corn Salsa that I am DYING to try.... check it out :)

 And last but in NO WAY least.... my one for good luck!

how could I not include The Smitten Kitchen's Bacon, Egg & Leek Risotto???
how did I not think of that?!?
I'll be trying this REAL soon!

HUGE Thank you to all for letting me repost****

And as usual.... I've got some love to share! AND a reminder everyone that May's GIVEAWAY is under way.... a Sea Salt collection & POSSIBLY a grilling rub collection too {quite a few entries so far.... we may get there!}

Finally, Thank you SOOOO much to Jen at Love Food Cook Food for awarding me my second Kreative Blogger & Sunshine Awards.... thank you so much! 

And Jacqueline at Blether for the HUGE sweet shout by featuring Young Grasshopper on her Friday Foodie last week!  XXOO
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  1. I love your posts!!! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous recipes and your week with us!!! Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother's Day =))

  2. Yum yum and yum! And yum again :) Love the Featured 5!

    1. I'm thinking people don't use the word Yum enough.... I read an article that said to never use the word YUMMY in a blog.... I'm thinking that would be a sad day. YUM!!!!

  3. Great choices, so I have seen and some not. All in all though-I would definitely have to eat some of them all if they were in front of me! Thanks for putting this together and have wonderful weekend!

  4. Fantastic 5 picks of this week - everything looks delish :D
    And congrats on the awards too!

    Choc Chip Uru

  5. Hope your weekend is nice considering your week... Lovely eats!

  6. Great featured five, as usual ... Hope next week goes better for you!

  7. I saw Jen's post - those orange creamsicles look delish...

  8. I saw those beautiful creamsicles too, love them! Thanks for the comment on my crostini, even though they didn't make your list this week I sure hope you try them....super yummy!

    Take care

  9. Biscoff Corn Dogs!? That sounds so crazy that it has to be good! I haven't even begun to think about Father's Day yet! Still haven't mailed my Mother's Day card for that matter... thanks for including me in your round up!!