Thursday, May 17, 2012

SWEETS FOR THE SWEET! {Relay for Life Bake Sale}

FUN STUFF on this Thursday.... 
and for a GREAT cause!
A fellow blogger, Wilde in the Kitchen, is participating in the Relay for Life and as her fundraiser she is holding a blogger bake sale!

"It's time for the WITK Bake Sale for Relay for Life!  All I can say is thank you to the bloggers and friends that have come together to deliver an amazing bunch of treats.  If you are looking for more information about the cause, check out this post of mine from a few weeks ago!
Be sure to check where the bakers are shipping to!  There are even a treat or two for my friends in the UK & Canada!
Here are the details...  The bake sale will run through Friday at 11:00pm eastern standard time. Each item has a starting bid of $15 and can be bid up in $1 increments.  All bids should be e-mailed, no bids left in the comments section will be counted. Be sure to include your bid as well as which item you are bidding on!
Bids will be updated through the course of the day as I recieve new bids.
Winners will be e-mailed on Saturday, May 19 and will be directed to the Relay for Life Website to post their donation/bake sale purchase.
Bakers will then make & ship their delicious treats and mail them to the winners within 7 days!"
Well, couldn't pass up being part of THIS fun! So, I'm offering up my yummy Trail Mix cookies over there! And I'm bidding up a storm too :) I'm SAYING to myself that I'm sending some to others as gifts if I win..... wonder if I actually will!?!
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