Sunday, February 12, 2012

Where Fancy Meets Easy {Oven Eggs "Benedict" Recipe}

While I'm on a breakfast kick, these are super easy and cute...

Oven Benedicts
4 Ramekins [small oven proof dishes]
4 large eggs
1 medium tomato sliced into 4 thick pieces
4 pieces of bacon

Cook Bacon in pan for 3 minutes.... barely bubbling.  I used Applewood because a thicker bacon is easier to work with.

LIGHTLY spray ramekins with Pam
wrap a piece of bacon on the inside of each cup
slide a nice thick slice of fresh tomato to bottom
put one egg in each ramekin

bake at 325F for 20-30 minutes until white is set.

loosen with a small spatula and they should come out very easily, serve with fresh fruit. 

Enjoy :)

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