Friday, February 10, 2012

Ah, the Mexican Mojito

Finally checked out Peppers beach-side in Ormond tonight..... and while it was a good chain Mexican meal there was a highlight for me.....

if you read to the end I'll tell
you how to make this just sayin'
Hola Mexican Mojito
Fish Taco
The Mojito made it worthwhile AND when David says lets go back to Peppers, it's the only reason I would gladly go.  Otherwise, it was a "good" meal but as you will come to know I'm on a constant quest for the perfect fish/shrimp taco and they just didn't have it....  you must bear in mind, I judge on the minutia.  And this taco failed on the functionality.... it disintegrated in my hands.  The flavors were good, it all was fresh they had beautiful avacado on it which was a nice touch BUT the tortilla was soggy.  And so, it fell to pieces and what good is a taco if you need a knife & fork?  Not much.  If I go again, I would ask for it deconstructed.  LOL, I'm sure the waitor would cock his head sideways and say huh?  or perhaps que?
Fajitas Peppers
That said, David got the Fajitas Peppers and LOVED them, and they were pretty yummy.... steak, chicken, shrimp & chorizo.... nice flavors. The quintessential deconstructed taco if I do say so myself!  The kids both loved the beans and rice... free chips & salsa.... queso was o.k. as I said it was a good meal but not fabuloso or anything.

As promised.....
If you want a FABULOSO Mexican Mojito
2 parts good quality Blanco Tequila
1 part simple syrup
8 mint leaves
4 lime wedges
top with club soda

Muddle the mint sprigs, lime, and simple syrup.
Add the tequila. Muddle some more and pour into a ice packed highball glass. Top the glass with club soda. Garnish with a sprig of mint and a lime wedge.

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  1. Thank you Young Grasshopper on your critique of the local fare....and the quest for the perfect fish taco continues....and the Mexican Mojito sounds like a great drink....adios!

  2. or perhaps a double tortilla, instead of deconstructed..... it might be a few extra carbs, but hey, I agree nothing worse than a fish taco blow-out :)

    1. good point...and perhaps not so confusing to the kitchen :)

  3. Oooh, I simply love! All your cocktails sound great, so, if I forget my name, it's all your fault!! xx