Thursday, July 11, 2013

Happy National MOJITO Day! {A Collection of Mojito Recipes}

Lemon-Lime Mojito
Well, it's been a sad three months with the inability to find the time or motivation to do a post.... I've got a gazillion pictures of dinners, restaurants and drinks all waiting for me to reactivate and write a post or two.  Alas, I've not been able to do it. Busy with life and a few health issues have translated into a million excuses and no blogging. 

EVERYTHING can wait while I gather my Mojitos together and raise my figurative glass to celebrate my favorite-ist thing..... THE MOJITO!
and I will raise a literal glass later :)
Champagne Mojito
Limoncello Mojito

Blackberry Mojito
Mexican Mojito

Blue Mojito
Millionaire a/k/a Zacapa Mojito
Dragonberry Mojito
Key Lime Mojito
Elderflower Mojito

Good & Plenty Mojito

NOTE:  So, in gathering all my Mojitos I see that NO WHERE in the mix is the Classic Mojito.  LOL.  I promise that NEXT July 11th I will post the Classic Mojito...
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