Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Best. Darn. Mojito. {Happy Thirsty Thursday}

Blackberry Mojito
Last weekend some blackberries caught my eye and I bought them thinking I was going to try a Bramble.

That's how it all starts.

Well, I apparently saw something shiney and next thing you know my Bramble became a Mojito. And then my new Mojito became an inadvertent Denizen shout out.

You may recall when I did my Denizen review {and the Rum Collins post} I mentioned that I thought Denizen would be a fab Rum for a Mojito.  Well, I was right.  I really think this Rum and its fruity essence was a key component to what I will simply call....

Blackberry Mojito
The best darn Mojito.

What You Need:
1 oz. simple syrup
4-5 blackberries
Handful of mint
2 oz. white Rum (I used Denizen)
3 oz. club soda

Yup. No lime.

What You Do:
Muddle your blackberries,
simple syrup and mint.
Add rum.
Pack with ice,
top with club soda
and sit back
and ENJOY!
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