Saturday, October 20, 2012

BOO! {A Gaggle of Spooky Foods for your Halloween Party}

Halloween Treats & Fun
I love the kids dressed up.
I love my house spookified.
I love creepy cocktails.
I love the friends gathering.
despite all my Pumpkin hate.
I actually LOVE a good cheese ball shaped like a pumpkin....
it's the thought of adding pumpkin to my coffee, risotto or even yes.... *shudder* my Martini that KILLS ME.

So, spooky food.....
arm me with a variety of Pillsbury products and I can bake up one killer Spooky Food Banquet. 
And I do.
Every Halloween.
It's one of my favorite things....
nothing gourmet.
Not fancy.
Probably bordering on 4th grade level execution

So, I want to share.... all the recipes are links,  I created NONE of this, I cannot take credit for the creativity but the execution [good and bad] is all me & my kids.... the crappy photography.... all me.  But none of this was done for a blog... this was done for the love of it.

I hope you love it too & HAPPY HALLOWEEN {I know it's early but what good would this post be ON Halloween! You'd be annoyed}!

Halloween Cheese & Dips
My pumpkin cheese ball is my FAVORITE I use for Halloween
and of course for Turkey Day
Super easy.  The top I actually rip a stem off a real pumpkin.... the recipe called for using a green pepper. 
I like my way better :)
The web dip was just on Yummy Mummy with a video that I'm linking, that's Ranch with Ketchup for dipping little mummies but you could use any dip in my opinion.
The fingers out of the dip below are baby carrots with red pepper triangles.  Cute and easy! 

Halloween Spooky Food with a little help from Pillsbury

On the far left are serpent "hoagies"
                    then little bugs.... a/k/a pigs in a blanket with dots
                                              then a couple examples of every one's favorite....
                                              the Cordon Bleu Mummy
                                              Do not make less than 2.  Actually delicious.
                                                                                        & bringing up the rear are the meatball caterpillars.... CUTE!

Quick Fixes to fill out the Spooky Banquet
Deviled Eggs with Olive Spiders
& Witches Fingers PBJs

& even with ALL THAT CANDY.... dessert is a must!

The top right is a spooky log pound cake...
That is really as talented as I get.
I'm VERY proud of that.
That's Dylan with our "Witch's Hat" Cake.  BOO!
A friend of mine brought the Kitty Litter Cake.
Too freaking funny
& pretty darn tasty
presented in a real litter pan of course.
And finally my Candy Corn Trifle
I think that with practice it will end up being
a great addition but that was my first attempt!
It was yummy :)
p.s. I promise a spooky cocktail post within the week!
NOTE:  The links in this post are mostly from the original source but a couple I could not find so I chose a blog rendition that I felt was accurate & useful; a few I couldn't find anything other than the picture I had gone from and so I leave you with my picture as your guide... the log [which is a saralee pound cake cut in half, iced and marshmellows, M&Ms, gummiworms and almond slivers], the spider eggs and use your own yummy recipes!

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  1. The only thing that scares me is that I may not get to eat all these dishes on Halloween! Better start cooking because they look awesome, delish and sooo festive! :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  2. Wow ... That's a lot of spooky food and I love it all :-)

  3. Love it... I have been requested to make a 'spooky' pasta... I'm working on it.

  4. I used to make a kitty litter cake every halloween complete with the "tootsie rolls" ;) thanks Heidi for reminding me!

    1. I had never seen before she walked in that night.... what a great laugh!

  5. Looks like a blast, El. I'll never relate to your hate for pumpkin, but we can both definitely agree on how fun Halloween is. Such a festive time of year!

  6. Awesome Halloween party ideas in here. There’s too much to prepare for a party! From invitations, decorations, music and especially Halloween Recipes! Gee excited for this year’s Halloween gatherings: D Thanks for sharing and I do hope I could pin some nice photos on my Pinterest boards. Good day!

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