Thursday, July 26, 2012

Stick A Fork in 'em {Happy Thirsty Thursday: Zacapa Mojito}

Ron Zacapa Mojito
Life as a Foodie can be challenging, I mean it is a veritable Cornucopia these days.  Everywhere I look I see downright addictive nibbles and delectable, decadent Bill of Fare cooked to perfection.  Finer dining is so approachable in this day and age, whether you are in search of an Artisan treat or lean more towards a Sammie.

For example, when we were in Key West we went to our favorite Eatery, Louie's Back Porch for what was a toothsome experience.  We never miss going to Louie's when we are in Key West and neither should you.... Their menu boasts a wide variety of Noms, featuring an awesome fusion of island fare and fine dining.  You are not there long before you know there is a serious Toque behind this scene! I savored every luscious bite of my dinner.  The lobster bisque was velvety; the steaks were meltingly tender and served with the best gnocchi ever.  The mouthfeel of that gnocchi was simply out of this world... downright pillowy.  For dessert the offered a simply unctuous assortment of yummy-tastic treats, enrobed in white and dark chocolate.  There was nothing in this meal that I would label a miss!

My original Millionaire Mojito
They used Limes,
 I like Lemon with my Zacapa
For those of you who are shaking your head wondering what this post is even about.... click HERE.  But do not mistake that review as a complete joke.... I LOVE LOUIE'S BACK PORCH!

On to the serious post.... HAPPY THIRSTY THURSDAY!

Since I brought up Louies in Key West.... I might as well share that I met my favorit-est Mojito EVER there that last visit, the Millionaire Mojito.

It's made with Zacapa Rum, which is a fabulous oak aged Rum.... and it makes for one seriously special Mojito.

here's what you need
1 & 1/2 oz. Zacapa Rum
1 oz Simple Syrup
8 mint leaves
1 half of a lemon cut in eighths
Club Soda to top

 here's what you do
Muddle Simple Syrup, Mint & 1/2 of the Lemons to perfection, pour into your prepared glass, fill with ice... top with club soda, THEN pour your Zacapa over it, garnish with reserved lemon/lime and stir & sip ....ahhhh the islands in a glass!

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