Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Next Victim

I love that people can be so thoughtful.  TRULY.  I was the recipient of a couple random acts of thoughtfulness today.  That's a great day.  

Tonight Heidi the lawyer [not to be confused with Heidi that eats Risotto & drinks Mojitos] spoke with a Support Group.  Really, I was a friend of a friend giving some good people with full plates some information on how to run a marathon.... GOTCHA.  Ok, I was talking lawyer stuff, I can own it.  I hope I was helpful.  Much to my surprise, instead of a bunch of lawyer jokes I was gifted an awesome bit of sunshine from the leader of the group.  

a/k/a My Next Victim.
Everyone send good JuJu to this poor plant that I HEART so very much but that has some pretty bad odds of survival after doing the Heidi Death March.

That said, wasn't that REALLY sweet?  I thought so, I hope she didn't take it wrong when I announced it was My Next Victim.  I feel confident Mel will take it under his wing.

The second Random Act of Kindness was a good friend inviting me out to lunch, just because she wanted to make sure I was grieving Ruthie o.k.  Go figure.  We are ALL so busy but it was special to spend a little time chattin' it up about Ruthie.  Didn't know I needed it, sure glad someone did, cause I did.

But enough about me.  HA! like that's possible!  

wait for it.

wait for it.

yup, here's my restaurant review....

It is my humble opinion that the best part of lunching in downtown Daytona is that whatever you are in the mood for it's there and for the most part..... it's awesome.  NOTE:  I'm pretty happy sitting at my desk having the Jimmy John's guy deliver my order in less than 5 minutes but when you want something more interesting than an un-wich it's nice to have options.  
So, when Shirley invited me out and said I could pick, I decided to go old school... my FIRST downtown lunch spot... there's always something special about the first....

The Dancing Avocado

This place really is a must do for lunch in the newly revitalized Beach Street Area in Daytona.... We ate on the porch which is really lovely this time of year [kinda reminds me of Key West.... I know, it's a problem].  Truth be told, I truly haven't had anything I haven't loved.... Angel's sing here.  Great breakfast burritos, INCREDIBLE Dave Burger [over 109,000 sold or some crazy number] or the Dancing Avocado Melt... that's what I had today.  Avocado, red onion, tomato on whole grain wheat [I hold the sprouts]. It's my favorite. You will adore this place.  They have it all offering a Vegan menu, Gluten Free or full on MEAT.  We didn't indulge today but their deserts are To. Die. For.  House made.  Everything about it reeks grassroots, hippie inspired: Cool decor, bohemian waitstaff.  Check it out.... it's SO 1970 you will L-O-V-E it.

oh and if nothing else, stop by and grab a couple ducks & a veggie burger to go.....

Dancing Avocado Kitchen on Urbanspoon
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