Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Slowly Finding My Way

"This is awesome. You are either steadily losing your mind, or slowly finding 
your way...either way, I totally support EVERYTHING you do! ♥"
How's that for an awesome reaction to my endeavor.....  I like to think it's the
latter.  Just sayin'

That said, I really wanted to write something again today even though I had nothing too exciting happen.  I was a lawyer and chauffeur, neither of which was blog worthy unless you want to count when I raised Cain at the Doctor's office for making us wait an hour and a half for my Dad's appointment..... but let's not go there.  Let's go to a happier place.  A place where I'm a Food Critic living in a loft in NYC spending my time eating fine food and sipping on marvelous concoctions of bliss and getting paid for it..... Oh yeah, that's someone else BUT what is me is that over the past several years I've taken to reviewing restaurants and I'm thinking since this blog is all about food & drink & fun stuff involving the two that my Food Critic secret life has found a new forum...

I'm going to start with my favorite "local" restaurant.... a stone's throw from Ormond..... if you have a good arm that is.  Also close enough to try next time you come to Orlando for a Disney trip.....

The Ravenous Pig in Winterpark
Living in Ormond where creative dining is almost nonexistent this restaurant is a real treat. We've taken the whole family and arrived early on a Saturday night and managed to get seated in dining room without a reservation but I would definitely recommend making reservations on any night. 
You MUST try one of their specialty drinks they are fabu. Par exemple.... The Franco75. Thyme. Rosemary. Absinthe. Vodka. Yum. I have plans to recreate for sure. For appetizers they serve everything from hot pretzels to die for to a scallop & suckling pig dish. The pork melts in your mouth.  Both are as different from each other as you can imagine and WONDERFUL.  

For entrees the fan favorite remains the pork porterhouse with a caramel balsamic glaze. It is hands down the best piece of pork I've ever tasted. 

But that said..... you cannot go wrong, I promise.  The gnocchi with sweetbreads (which everyone young and old tried and loved) were delish as was the pub burger with truffle oil fries. The only thing I was not very impressed with was dessert. It wasn't "house made" I'd skip it and have an extra appetizer! Definitely something for every palate with a menu that changes daily depending on what is available locally. 

To sum it up.... If you're a foodie TRY THIS PLACE. If not, still try it ;)

As a random addendum.... I  have been informed that I might be incorrect about the non-house-made dessert statement.... and since then I've noticed some pictures in their FB feed of some pretty FABULOUS looking desserts AND SO I may need to be corrected on my "accusation." I won't know for sure until I go again.... but wanted to throw out there that I MIGHT have called that wrong... or caught a bad day.... or whatever.... you should STILL check the place out, I stand by that ;)

The Ravenous Pig on Urbanspoon
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  1. Congrats on the blog launch!

    That pork looks amazing! And I'm excited to try out the dragonberry mojito. Looks yummy.

    1. Thanks Sara! After checking out your Blog... I'm thinking you deserve a Mojito [or two!]