Thursday, January 17, 2013

One Word: MARAVO

The Dancing Avocado Kitchen offered a
relaxing atmosphere perfect to enjoy
Chef Mario's culinary journey called Maravo!
No, I don't know what it means.

But I do know I LOVE IT!

What am I talking about? Well, last August I was lucky enough to of been invited by one of my fans, Lori, to a most fabulous local event called Maravo at the Dancing Avocado Kitchen down on Beach Street in Daytona.  

Thank you again Lori, I would have been so sad to have missed this!  In fact, this event was so special I can't believe I've taken this long before blogging it, but as you know life has preempted blogging.  That said, my goal was that I would get this done before the next Maravo that so that none of you locally would miss it!

That time is upon me.....
the next Maravo scheduled February 14th & 16th!

Of course I partook in the
perfect pairings offered by the
wine flight!
What was Maravo like?  Well..... the August one was movie themed [February is Couples Themed]. That is, each course had a tie to a film.... Fried Green Tomatoes, Ratatouille, Chocolat, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs... and the menu was without a doubt everything it could have been.  Complex tastes and textures in perfect harmony with pure fun & creativity!

A few of the
treats we enjoyed!

Did I mention it was VEGETARIAN!?! Yup, it was no small effort to make my carnivore husband go with me on his birthday weekend to a vegetarian dining event.  But he LOVED it.  He was simply amazed as each course surpassed the previous.  I hope that if you find an event like this in your area that you will have an open mind and give it a shot.  I never would've guessed in a million years how absolutely fabulous a 12 course all vegetarian tasting menu could be.  Just sayin'

Chef Mario: the creative genius
behind the DAK & Maravo.

Full disclosure: I'm no stranger to the Dancing Avocado Kitchen, it's a restaurant that I frequent weekly (if not more) for lunch.  And I love it.  Great sandwiches, great burgers, outstanding hummus.  Even so, I was very skeptical as I entered as I had never ventured to any of their evening events.  WELL!  I'll be sure I never miss another. Owners Mario & Angela and their staff were amazing.  Flavors, concepts, presentation were second to none.  Service was impeccable.  It was a dining experience.

As a treat local celebrity, Johnny Martino,
 a/k/a Paulie from the Godfather 
was mingling with the guests all night...
"Leave the gun. Take the cannoli."
Truer words were never spoken.

p.s. I wish my pictures from my iPhone were even able to remotely do this event justice but this night was not about me taking pictures but rather living in the moment that Maravo created.


See YOU in February [which by the way is an OMNIVORE experience] I've already made my reservations!

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  1. YAY for vegetarian conversions my friend, welcome back :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  2. Oh wow - Sounds like a great time & veggie food to boot :-)

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    I was looking for blogs about Daytona Beach to share on our site and I came across your post...If you're open to it, shoot me an email at jane(at)dwellable(dot)com.
    Hope to hear from you soon!