Sunday, December 30, 2012

Young Grasshopper's Top 5 in 2012!

Remember me?  I am alive. Things just got so crazy over the last couple months I had to make some tough prioritizing choices and alas blogging took the hit {which even David said was a bad thing as blogging really made me a happier person}.  I'm hoping the New Year will afford me more blogging time as the holidays end, the company departs and "normalcy" resumes. 

Reflecting on 2012 it was a rough one in Chez Webb.... I lost my Mom in January, My Great Aunt {107 years old!} in September and my Father-in-Law in October.  It was a lot of sadness not only for me but all I love.  My kids lost 2 grandparents.... my Dad, a wife, my husband, a Dad and my most awesome Mother-in-Law lost the love of her life.  The sadness was potentially all consuming.

It can be hard to notice the positives when there's a lot of sad but noteworthy in 2012 is that the kids continue to shine in every aspect of their youth, David & I were lucky enough to have the opportunity of the Kress Building fall into our laps, we are all healthy and have the best support system in our extended family and friends.  And yes, we have each other.

Good & Bad I'm so very excited to kick this year out the door and ring in a glorious new year.... HELLO 2013!  I'm starting if off by running from Miami to Key West with my BFF and our 9 Ragnar teammates and then relaxing with MaryAnn & David for a couple days in glorious Key West.  I vow to truly relax and I'm hoping I will return renewed and ready to kick some ass in 2013!

To end on a blogging note and since I've been so MIA
I thought I would close out the year with a
 Featured 5 celebrating my Top 5 posts of 2012....
I always love those radio count downs.... 
You won't be surprised to find they are all cocktails....

Cheers to you all.....
#5 the Classic Whisky Sour


#4.... The St~Germain Cocktail....


#3 was a guest post by the
fabulous Messy Baker!
who served up a
Grilled Peach Bourbon
Old Fashioned!

#2 The Dark & Stormy 

& drum roll please.......

#1 My Champagne Mojito

 Happy New Year Everyone!
Hope to see a lot more of you in 2013 ;)
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