Friday, August 24, 2012

Thank You "Week" For Ending! {Featured Five!}

What a crazy, unpleasant week... but it did not kill me and therefore I am stronger...

And even as the madness swirled I knew I was doing this post come hell or high water...
[and looks like I may get the latter with Isaac heading towards us! ]
Anyhow, all week I was squirreling away my pics & here they are!
Hope you love 'em <3 

Tortellini Soup at Wine & Dine Us
looking like just the Comfort Food I need!  Thanks Pam <3

Combo of me needing some soup love
& my love affair with fresh corn...
Thanks Gerri from My Southwest Kitchen.  YUM!

This particular recipe
looks CRAZY good to me
Slow Cooker Mexican Corn Pudding
at Our Eating Habits <3

SHUT. UP. Chris from the Keenan Cookbook
 posting a To. Die. For. Taylor Ham Sandwich...
Any Jersey Girls [or boys] out there?
I thought these looked extremely yummy....
so yummy that
I am trying them as soon as I type this!
Thanks CJ at Food Stories for posting these
Cauliflower Poppers

Uno Mas Por Goodo Lucko
ok, o.k, I'm a loser that only speaks English.
I loved this Stone Fruit Sangria though....
and I could use some luck
Thanks Anne at From My Sweet Heart!



HUGE Thank you to all for letting me repost****


And as our month FLIES by.... don't forget there's some awesome Pamper Chef Measuring Cups up for grabs.... CLICK HERE TO ENTER..... lots of ways to enter!
Somewhere in there I squeaked out time to celebrate with my foodie
Judges over at Food Story and please give a round of applause for Karen from

We Call Him Yes, Chef! She has an amazing blog and was our July Winner of the Food Stories Excellence in Storytelling Award.... FUNNY!!!! CHECK HER OUT!
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  1. What a delicious features 5 my friend, great choices :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  2. Taylor ham? You mean pork roll! (from the resident Jersey girl!)