Monday, March 11, 2013

You're Doing What??? The Paleo Grasshopper

This is Non-Paleo Heidi,
not necessarily an unhappy girl LOL
Hello and HAPPY MONDAY... and not so happy Daylight Savings time!  Just wanted to check in because even though I've not been sharing all the yummy food I've been eating I'm still here.  I think the problem is that I've eating too much and therefore have no time to post. sigh.
So what've I been doing of late?  Well, scroll back a bit and....  In September David & I started a weight loss journey, I was over 200 lbs!  EEK.  We decided enough was enough we were killing ourselves, so, no fancy diet just trying to clean up our act and get moving again.  We did great.  I lost 24 pounds in those first few months. 
Then the holidays hit..... put 9 back on.  sigh. But not all is lost, after the new year got back on it thanks to a Family Biggest Loser Challenge [which we did not "win"] I lost that 9 again and a few more.  But with the end of the challenge and Girl Scout Cookie Season..... well,  let's just say, it's not pretty.   We decided need something more defined to get us rolling again and a few years ago we had some success with the Paleo diet.  Fast Forward.... we are going Caveman.  My recall of our last Paleo Challenge is the biggest benefit was feeling better and stronger because it cleansed your body of all the "crap" we consume and after 2 weeks of binging on Girl Scout Cookies I need a little cleansing!

What is Paleo? I'm no expert but it's also called the Caveman Diet.... I always think to myself: "Did this exist for a caveman?" if not probably NOT OK to eat! This little chart sums it up best, I found it unattributed but I think it originated with Rob Wolff who is Mr. Paleo.   So, this is all fascinating I know but why am I here? Well, if I have great success you will surely want to know and I'm certain we will have great success so I'm looping you early.  Also, I'm hoping to share a few yummy recipes along the way too and didn't want you to be like WTF is Paleo and why is Young Grasshopper posting Paleo instead of yummy cocktails?!?!  That said, I also don't want to torture you all unnecessarily if you are not interested in this divergence of mine so  but have set up a group on Facebook:  The Paleo Grasshopper if you are wanting to see EVERYTHING we eat and what our successes are on the side street as they happen....
Now you are all caught up and we are all weighed in and ready to go, see you soon!


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