Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Be Mine {A Valentine's Day Menu}

So, IF I wasn't going out to Maravo for a FABULOUS, fun, romantic Valentine's Day meal for my Valentine's Day.....  

THIS is what I would make for Loverboy....

We would start with
Classic Swiss Three Cheese Fondue.....

then relax and recoup with a lovely salad with Winter Fruit with Baby Greens and Champagne Vinaigrette

and then of course it wouldn't be a special meal without the beloved Short Rib Risotto

 and then to stick a fork in us nothing
says L.O.V.E.
like a slice of
Mile High Cake
with White Chocolate
 Butter Cream Icing

Bon Appetit and  
Happy Valentine's Day.... hope it's full of LOVE <3

or I could be full of shit..... there's a possibility that with 3 kids and my Dad living with us that if we stayed home it would just be another weeknight dinner.... YAY for going out!  All you couples pre/post/sans kid make this menu and SAVOR the moments :)

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